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CICM Primary Exam Program

Multimedia Critical Care Basic Science FOAMed

Welcome to Basic Science Clinic.

We run a unique Primary exam preparation program and produce FOAMed content covering critical care basic sciences.

The FOAMed project provides well-researched multimedia content that addresses the essential physiological principles relevant to critical care primary examinations, and upon which scientifically informed management of critical illness is constructed.

We investigate the original publications describing fundamental concepts, and hope to deepen your appreciation of the crucial yet fallible nature of physiological models in critical care.

We are working to consistently generate content and if there are any subjects that you would like us to cover specifically, please get in touch via twitter or message us at: .

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Latest Updates

31. 03.2019: Primary Clinic IV is set for 2nd - 4th July 2019 at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney. Registration is now open!

10.05.2018: Primary Clinic 2.0 is set to go live tomorrow. There is one place left! Get in quickly.

04.03.2018: The dates are set for Primary Clinic 2.0. The 3 day course will be July 2nd - 4th at St. Vincent's Hospital, Sydney.

12.01.2018: Primary Clinic 2.0 will be in July 2018, exact dates TBC. Register your interest early via

11.01.2018: The inaugural Primary Clinic is complete. Thank-you to a fantastic group of candidates and an indispensibly brilliant faculty.

09.01.2018: Primary Clinic 1.0 is up and running. Great group of candidates.

15.11.2017: Primary Clinic registration is now full. Register for the waiting list here.

12.11.2017: 2 places have opened up for the Primary Clinic exam program. Join us on the most comprehensive CICM Primary course available. Register now via the CICM website.

07.11.2017: Primary Clinic mentorship platform has gone live today.

30.10.2017: NEW VIDEO - Laminar flow.

26.10.2017: NEW VIDEO - Relative/specific humidity & dew point.

22.10.2017: NEW VIDEO - Absolute humidity & heat loss.

20.10.2017: NEW VIDEO - Saturated vapour pressure.

19.10.2017: NEW VIDEO - Vapour vs. gas.

25.08.2017: LATEST PODCAST - Pulmonary Perfusion.



Key concepts

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Comprehensive & exhaustive

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Primary clinic

CICM Primary Exam Program

  • mobile education app

  • 3-day course

  • online mentorship program

For more information

Places are limited and allocated on first come, first served basis.

Send any further enquiries and formal rego via:

Program developed with financial assistance from the NSW CICM Regional Committee


crit think

Metacognition Podcasts

The study and understanding of the process, structure and fallibility of thought, thinking about thinking or metacognition, helps you to integrate the knowledge you are acquiring and then apply it with a rigorous scientific method. The result is a safer, skeptical and rational bedside physiologist.

In the informational age, with a profusion of instantaneously available digital data, there is an even greater imperative that in your nascent development as a clinician you consider the functional structure of your most potent, yet potentially deceptive tool, to enhance knowledge application and critical decision making.


Raw science

Physiology Videos & Podcasts

It's all about the physiology. In the words of Ernest Starling "The physiology of today is the medicine of tomorrow." Clinical and research practices are informed and guided by the scientific plausibility inferred from physiological modelling of the impossibly complex system of the human body.

Understanding the derivation and appropriate situational application of these models is a central competency in critical care. Improperly simplified heuristics, which often masquerade as understanding, can be misapplied to clinical practice, can appear to work for the wrong reasons or may even do harm.