CICM First Part examination program

Registration includes mobile app access, 3-day course and online mentorship access until completion of the viva.

3-day course in January 2020 targeting the CICM First Part exam first sitting in March 2020.

Places are limited and allocated on first come, first served basis.

Reserve your place, message us at

Program fee $800 (AUD).

Dates TBC

Factoids & Flashcards Mobile App

Mobile app exclusively available to course participants after registration until completion of the viva.

Android and iOS versions available.



>2000 factoids in true/false format covering the entire syllabus.

Focused on recall of key numerical data, equations & definitions.

Select factoids by subject or random.

Detailed statistics to chart your progress and compare with your cohort.


>500 flashcards covering key concepts.

Evidence based tool for optimising recall.

Organised by subject.

Bookmark your progress to ensure all flashcards are covered.

Allow you to study on the go.

Basis of flashcard whiteboard sessions during 3-day course.

Exam Preparation Course, January 2020

St. Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, NSW.

Dates TBC.

3-day course with expert faculty, including CICM examiners.

Only First Part course in NSW.

Sessions designed with reference to evidence-based adult education.

Sessions will include:

  • Factoid Mastermind

Demonstrate your recall of the essential primary examination data, definitions and equations. Based on the factoid section of the app.

  • Flashcard Key Concepts

Daily flipped classroom whiteboard sessions where participants get to hone their explanation of key concepts. Based on the flashcard section of the app.

  • Viva Opening Gambits

Practice the formulation and delivery of targeted and fluent opening statements to CICM viva questions.

  • Mock Written Exams

Testing under exam conditions with personalised feedback regarding exam technique and content.

  • AMA (ask me anything)

Daily forum with all faculty members where difficult concepts selected by participants can be addressed in detail.

Online Mentorship Program

Online forum exclusive to course participants.

Connect with mentors including recent successful candidates, experienced intensivists and college examiners.

Platform for resource sharing between participants.

Request a personalised whiteboard video on the subject of your choosing.

Integrated physiology/pharmacology questions to structure learning.

Access is available from the time of registration until completion of the viva.